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Name Wildfire
Symbol WDF
Algorithms X11
Block Time 3 m
Max Supply 35,000,000
First Block 2020-11-30 20:20:10 (136 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description Wildfire Coin V2 (WDF) is the big update for the old Wildfire Coin (WFR). The new team consists of independent developers who have taken over the project to save it, bring it back to life and accompany it into the future. This will start with a coin swap to reduce inflation, block rewards have been reduced and the new max supply is only 35 million WDF coins! We have integrated a new code source DIP003 with the X11 algorithm and switched to PoW / MN! Masternodes serve to stabilize and secure the network! We will soon create a DeFi token to reward Masternode Holders with an Airdrop which will be conducted via our own swap platform similar to Uniswap! Furthermore we are very excited about the development of our bridge, through which two different blockchains will communicate with each other, the WDF Blockchain and the DeFi Token Blockchain! You can find more information in our whitepaper.
Node Summary
Version /Wildfire Core:
Protocol 70215
Sync Status 49,632 Blocks / 49,632 Headers (100.00%)
Best Hash 000000000007af3fae7f2ca920c02af5beaf7f3117f5dd2247f02487041815f1
Connections 50
Services 0000000000000005