About Waya Wolf Coin

Chain Overview



124.684 M /s


164.151 x100

Name Waya Wolf Coin
Symbol WW
Algorithms Scrypt
Block Time 5 m
Max Supply 10,500,000
First Block 2016-10-22 05:25:03 (1554 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description Waya Wolf (WW) Coin had a fair release with no pre-mine and is pure proof of work (POW). It has an approximate total of coins of 10,500,000 and the initial reward is 25 coins. It has halved and the current reward is 12.5 coins. The reason for the small number and the fair launch was to make WW accessible to all by mining. These factors make WW a great coin for payment services. There are two major uses of WW, which is the Waya Wolf Discord Shopping Mall, which contains stores, services, and various classified ads, and the Waya Wolf Academy. The Waya Wolf Coin being used for these services and the mall are the beginning of a comprehensive payment system. Currently, the WW coin, services, and mall and academy comprise the Waya Wolf Group. More to come!!
Node Summary
Version 1000000
Protocol 70002
Height 287,930
Best Hash 301c2e117ae947448658c07c8dcb35dc90b92d9cd745e9086ab4d80a68af3853
Connections 15