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Name Vipo
Symbol VPS
Algorithms Lyra2Rev3
Block Time 1 m
Max Supply 20,000,000
First Block 2020-9-27 19:48:34 (63 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description Introducing VipoVipo Vps solutions is a cryptocurrency based on a platform that allows their users to buy vpss with Vipo. The platform is designed to offer multiple vpss for everyone's needs. The platform is ready and offers instant Vpses when registered and paid with Vipo. We want to integrate the current blockchain technology and use this to offer a vps service that works secure, anonymously and lightning fast!The functionality of Vipo offers you the possibility to rent as many vpses as you would like with the speed of lightning across the world. Be secure, anonymous, and setup your vps in a matter of minutes using Vipo as the payment method.What does Vipo offer ?Vipo offers you vpses all across the world using our live and working platform. Simply register, select what vps you want to purchase and follow the required steps. Shorty after you will receive the info in your mailbox to start using your vps.Why Vipo ?Vipo has a working product ready to go when you decided to step in and join our community. We do not have fake products awaiting nor goals on our a roadmap that will never be achieved. You can use our product right away and purchase your desired vps with Vipo. Either by mining, purchasing in the presale or on exchange.Vipo and staking ?After approximately 17 days the POW phase will end and Vipo will enable POS aka proof of stake. This means investors, miners and other participants of the community are able to create a return of investment with their obtained Vipo coins, by enabling staking in their wallet. There is no minimum amount to stake only a minimum time before staking enables. The minimum staking time is 1 hour.
Node Summary
Version /Vipo:1.0.3/
Protocol 71002
Sync Status 55,805 Blocks / 55,805 Headers (100.00%)
Best Hash dd53dfa5307a60967cc083eda1f357d66e094d3bf146260f9b83c369ab2f8016
Connections 13
Services 0000000000000005