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Name ThePowerCoin
Symbol TPWR
Algorithms X11
Block Time 2 m
Max Supply 99,999,999,999
First Block 2020-5-28 13:30:02 (185 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description The Power Project takes on an ambitious goal to redefine the electricity distribution and control network. With the rise in eMobiles, it is only a matter of time that the demand for charging stations will rise dramatically. The Power Project aims to bring the control to you! So that you can find the nearest charging station without any hassle at the prices of your liking. Not only that, it will give you the opportunity to become an energy-distributor yourself, so that you can offer your electricity to different users at your own will. We will provide you with all the necessary hardware and software tools to make all of it possible and help you in managing your distribution.
Node Summary
Version /TPWR Core:1.1.0/
Protocol 70003
Sync Status 118,921 Blocks / 118,921 Headers (100.00%)
Best Hash 6b3d38421ac7e0a4d21115833c17c1da98a7618014f22245da98253df2b82f41
Connections 72
Services 0000000000000005