About Stackbit

Chain Overview


Difficulty PoW

6.221 x100

Difficulty PoS

0.000 x100



Name Stackbit
Symbol SBIT
Algorithms Scrypt
Block Time 2 m
Max Supply 90,000,000,000
First Block 2017-6-19 12:35:11 (1796 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description The Stackbit project is focused on expanding the use of the Stackbit coin as a multi-use coin. The project provides assistance to groups looking for a stable cryptocurrency to use as a means to attract and build new communities. Having a low staking rate of 6% per year, Stackbit is a stable coin that is resistant to inflation, providing the ability to maintain its value without sharp drops in price like most POS coins. This makes Stackbit an ideal form of stable value for those looking for a coin to hold while looking for opportunities that are exclusive to Stackbit holders.
Node Summary
Version v2.0.0.0-g32a928e
Protocol 60015
Height 2,909,261
Best Hash a639d5a27637ff2ffb2e92381a6fdad97884b5ac73ebc7789177063e6cff2a50
Connections 6