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4.882 G /s

Total TX


Mempool TX

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68.391 x100

Chain Size

13.58 MB

Name Splendid
Symbol SPLD
Algorithms KawPoW
Block Time 1 m
Max Supply 4,000,000,000
First Block 2021-2-10 10:26:10 (22 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description What is Splendid Coin Splendid Coin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Splendid is a fork of Ravencoin code with some minor changes. We offer all of their development and we are completely ready to add more experimental alternative features. The project is opensource and the contribution is desirable and it will be welcomed and rewarded. It is truly anti-ASIC, anti-FPGA coin, just as Raven coin is. The KAWPOW algo brings the miners back to the stage with the video cards, at the expense of the centralized huge farms with ASIC and FPGA.
Node Summary
Version /Splendid:1.0.0/
Protocol 70028
Sync Status 17,757 Blocks / 17,757 Headers (100.00%)
Best Hash 0000000000a245ef2fbd3bcd028f32a2a2af24660c83a085caafbfd87f001084
Connections 64
Services 000000000000000d
Uptime 5 H