About Neexstar

Chain Overview



26.912 M /s


157.744 x100

Name Neexstar
Symbol NEEX
Algorithms SCRYPT
Block Time 6 m
Max Supply 21,000,000
First Block 2020-2-11 09:37:57 (229 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description Neexstar is a Proof Of Work coin with the same algorithm as Litecoin (SCRYPT),peer-to-peer Internet currency,open source, and fully decentralized.Development techniques and support systems that will guide and direct you on your business journey in the crypto world needed to make management. We know that there are many platforms that are engaged in this field, but there are still not many like us, this encourages us to compete in creating things that are different. Neexstar provides solutions for them and anyone for this. With the system we built, the Growing Ecosystem Global. This will help reach resources and provide continuity in the world of cryptocurrencies. The system that we implement is from the results of developments that we see and we get from various such as media, technology and industrial developments.this is what prompted us to create Neexstar . we believe that the longer the development in various fields will increase.Lets us do this difference together.
Node Summary
Version 1000100
Protocol 70002
Height 17,051
Best Hash 17f7feb58cccab435a7b5bd58e2244f5ac4f832e67fd0f26a4220921cbe89451
Connections 4