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Name NatisCoin
Symbol NATIS
Algorithms Blackcoin
Block Time 1 m
Max Supply 10,000,000,000
First Block 2020-3-28 20:20:06 (182 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description What is NatisCoin? It is a cryptocurrency that will be used to improve the quality of life of people, implementing different social works in schools and communities with economic difficulties and that require actions that impact society and allow to offer a better welfare. Specifications of NatisCoin Name: NatisCoin Algorithm: Scrypt Type: POS Preminated: 15.000.000 NatisCoin Block Time: 1 minutes Blocks per day: 1440 Reward per Block: 50 NatisCoin 100% POS No Halving Ports: RPC port 17437 P2P port 17438