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Name Mazacoin
Symbol MZC
Algorithms SHA256
Block Time 2 m
Max Supply 2,419,200,000
First Block 2014-1-26 14:47:55 (2795 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description MAZA is a Cryptocurrency Network for All Sovereign Tribes & Sovereign Indigenous PeoplesnMazaCoin is the first cryptocurrency to have been adopted by Native Americans, and the first one to become an official currency among a tribe.Maza is the official reserve currency of the Oglala Lakota Nation of North and South Dakota since 2014. Lakota Nation is a "a semi-autonomous North American Indian reservation in South Dakota", which have been seeking recognition as a fully independent nation since the 1970s.Maza was developed by Payu Harris, a native American activist, web developer, and digital currency trader to shine light on the Oglala Lakota Nation quest for sovereignty.Maza is a fork of Zetacoin and was launched on 7 February 2014.
Node Summary
Version /Lakota:0.10.2/
Protocol 70002
Sync Status 2,013,835 Blocks / 2,013,835 Headers (100.00%)
Best Hash 00000000000002e72bac736306123ecc080ba903f334f2dee5db36846d96da14
Connections 30
Services 0000000000000001