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Name Combode
Symbol CBE
Algorithms Phi5
Block Time 2 m
Max Supply 18,400,000
First Block 2021-1-1 00:00:00 (22 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description Combode is the ultimate confidentiality for the transfer of money and information. Combode is a fork of Dash cryptocurrency. It aimed on full decentralisation in the system of transferring of digital assets. Combode is not only a crypto currency, it's a decentralised digital system. Combode is based on Phi5 algorithm and uses a unique encrypted data transfer system that works on the basis of the blockchain. Combode doesn't have any owners or authorities that control it. The mining process of Combode is available for an unlimited range of persons who use CPU processors, but it's also protected from special mining devices like ASIC and GPU. The main advantage of Combode is use of PrivateSend for all transactions.
Node Summary
Version /Combode Core:
Protocol 70208
Sync Status 15,787 Blocks / 15,787 Headers (100.00%)
Best Hash 00000000019156a78a3feed59b47650296507129d205660538a530f5dcaf2210
Connections 29
Services 0000000000000005