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Chain Overview



100.880 /s

Difficulty PoW

0.000 x100

Difficulty PoS

202.904 x103





Name Campus Cash
Symbol CCASH
Algorithms BMW512
Block Time 1 m
Max Supply 4,000,000,000
First Block 2020-5-14 12:00:00 (519 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description Campus Cash is an information and cryptocurrency ecosystem. designed for both students and trainees to meet and revolutionize the. The needs of the way they interact with their schools and the world in. General. Universities today typically have a "Cash Card" or "Campus. Card" that students routinely use to shop on campus. This card serves. as an ID for a variety of services, such as borrowing books from the. Library and enrolling in classes. Concerned about the enormous power. that POW consumers have, Campus Cash is meant to be a Pos coin.. First, it will work as a hybrid POS/POW coin for security reasons and will. only switch to PoS when the customer community is sufficient. strong. To facilitate the creation of the ecosystem, a Campus Cash. Ambassador program will provide structure to disseminate. information about Campus Cash by providing incentives for students. With many rewards. In addition, the Campus Cash team will develop. relationships with educational institutions and retailers on and off. campus into a financial and information-rich ecosystem for the entire. Campus experience. The secure storage and output of files on the. Blockchain will support confidence in our systems. No statement. Herein should be construed as a promise or guarantee of any kind.. Buying cryptocurrencies are risky and can lead to the loss of all funds.
Node Summary
Version v1.1.0.16-CCASH-CampusCash-Core
Protocol 62049
Height 508,671
Best Hash a7f5dafb4c42a6e121de0a05987f3f10b08462e51ba67e9e118f0f1d57b60a42
Connections 57