About bitFlowers

Chain Overview


Difficulty PoW

1.497 x106

Difficulty PoS

6.425 x100



Name bitFlowers
Symbol PETAL
Algorithms SHA256
Block Time 1 m 30 s
Max Supply 1,500,000,000
First Block 2018-12-25 16:15:11 (837 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description Welcome to the official bitFlowers website - the world's first native P2P crypto eGift exchanger. bitFlowers is a Crypto-city.com commnunity developed digital currency project. Utilizing the blockchain, the bitFlowers platform empowers its users to harness the benefits of a permissionless system, whereby they can send value, digital flowers and other eGifts anywhere in the world without the usual restrictions of a centralised system. If you’d like to know more about the project, please find us on our social media channels. Alternatively, you are welcome to email us at: info@bit-flowers.com
Node Summary
Version v2.0.0.0 bitFlowers
Protocol 2000000
Height 398,482
Best Hash b1edb30921edb02acd11c4021d537f8adf1b9f5ad6b0ca6ba0f54b3b82c3ca76
Connections 58