About BCPCoin

Chain Overview


Difficulty PoW

0.136 x100

Difficulty PoS

0.000 x100

Name BCPCoin
Symbol BCP
Algorithms scrypt
Block Time 1 s
Max Supply 475,000
First Block 2017-10-20 01:01:01 (1070 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description BCP is designed to allow anonymous ownership and use rights, bcp-coin in the form of a computer can stall (e-wallet) is stored in a personal computer, you can also be stored in third-party trade platform. No matter what kind of form to save, bcp-coin can be traded with people anywhere in the world via the Internet trading platform
Node Summary
Version v1.0.0.1-g32b928e
Protocol 60017
Height 473,145
Best Hash 75d3f5b6a4e8624a8cc35e4412e1fb48fd10a328786b6a694154559b9fa8eb53
Connections 3