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Name BarrelCrudeCoin
Symbol BCC
Algorithms Scrypt
Block Time 15 s
Max Supply 1,700,804
First Block 2021-3-8 14:22:13 (319 D ago)
Explorer Expiration Never
Description The goal is to pay with this currency the battery recharges of your electric vehicle and collaborate in a friendly transaction towards electric technology. The FIRST decentralized and universal currency for recharging electric vehicles. The classic oil extraction and the electric extraction of crude oil and to reuse the mining energy for a new use in the blockchain, BCC is an open-source peer-to-peer digital currency.
Node Summary
Version /BarrelCrudeCoinCore:1.0.4/
Protocol 70017
Sync Status 621,492 Blocks / 621,492 Headers (100.00%)
Best Hash 87f9b407d59ad00b4ea02cacfdeea29898fa18a1611760a2643d5cfaae6ab450
Connections 14
Services 000000000000040d
Uptime 7 D